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My Plate Journey
I have been passionate about nutrition for many years. Nearly 30 years ago, in spite of working with many doctors on my own health issues - allergies to everything outdoors and chronic sinusitis - I found myself with ever worsening health and a dysfunctional immune system. In search of a path to good health, I started working with a herbalist, an acupuncturist, and a chiropractor, all of whom gave invaluable direction to also include dietary modifications and nutritional therapeutics in their healing protocols. It took 6 months to get off all the medications I was taking that were weakening my immune system. From the start there were therapies that had an almost immediate affect and some that I had to be patient with...healing takes time...and to be healed is a wonderful feeling!
As a result of this personal healing journey, I wanted so much to help others find health. I made the decision to further pursue my long-time passion in the field of nutrition and pursued a Masters Degree in Human Nutrition.  I  hold certification as a CNS – Certified Nutrition Specialist – and am an elected member of the American College of Nutrition. 
What I have learned through my own journey and guiding others through their own personal journeys is the value of transitioning our diets to optimize what our bodies need at each phase of our lives. If we can listen to our bodies and change our plate as we journey through our lives, we support our healthiest selves.

Throughout my own journey, my plate has evolved considerably. I now focus on a whole foods, plant-based diet. You will see in my Blog recipes and posts that I have provided plant-based alternatives to assist you in transitioning to more plant-based foods. As my body healed and I discovered just how much our diets and the foods we eat have a direct impact on our own health and well-being and that of our planet. 

There is no one diet that is perfect for everyone. We are unique individuals and we each sit before our plates with different health histories, challenges, and nutritional needs.


I would be pleased to help you on your journey to optimize your plate. 

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