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In-person office appointments and online telehealth conferencing

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Choosing the right Health and Wellness practitioner is a very important and very personal choice. The practitioners below are those that I and my clients have worked with personally and have shown not only expertise in their field but also the utmost care and concern for the health and healing capacity of the mind and body.
Dr. Yarong Wang - Albany, NY -
Sandy Camper -  Albany, NY -
Dr. Diana Galish-Frasier - Niskayuna Life Chiropractic - Niskayuna, NY -
Dr. Kirsten Medwin - Elevate Chiropractic - Albany, NY -
Healing Energy
Diana Foster - Troy, NY -
Psychology and Sexual Health
Dr. Bridget Finn, Capital Region Center for Sexual Health, Troy, NY -  
Dr. Brian Murray - Urology - Albany, NY -
Dr. Heidi Rasmussen - Integrative Medicine - Saratoga Springs, NY -
Dr. Bruce Yaffe - Gastroenterology - Yaffe Ruden Associates, New York, NY -
Women's Empowerment
Vici Armsby - Divine Sisterhood NY Women's Empowerment Center - Troy, NY -
Women's Health
Dr. Alicia Wiczulis - Gynechologist - Albany Medical Center Gynechology - Albany, NY
Dr. Dena Harris - Gynechologist - Maiden Lane Medical, New York, NY -
Dr. Tamer Seckin - Endometriosis Surgeon - New York, NY -
Catie White - EndoSisterhood Capital Region Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain Support Group -
Samantha Dickson and Carin Cappadocia - Pelvic Physical Theray - Albany Med Pelvic Physical Therapy  - Delmar, NY
Katy Scullin - Pelvic Physical Theraist - Albany Memorial Hospital Pelvic Health Center - Albany, NY

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Forks Over Knives
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