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What is a Plate Journey?

We are all wonderfully unique individuals.

We are different genders, different ages, different nationalities. Some of us are healthy and want to stay healthy. Some of us are not healthy but want to regain their health. We have different medical histories and disease risks. Some of us love to exercise and some do not.

As humans, we are passionate about the food we eat. It is meant to be enjoyed both for how it tastes and the joy we get sharing our meals with family and friends.

Throughout my life, I have found that I have been on a journey. What my plate looks like has changed significantly over time. I grew up in a meat & potatoes Irish household. Now I eat a plant-based diet. This change did not happen overnight. Once I found the impact of diet on my health, I started my journey and found how well my immune system, and indeed, my body, responded to the changes I made. It wasn't easy at first, but once you find the right balance of food for your body, it's very easy to become passionate about a new plate.

Let's begin your Plate Journey together.

Be well.

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