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Prep Once, Eat Twice

I often hear from clients how difficult it can be to cook for just one person...or two people for that matter.

My answer is simple...don't cook for one person...or even one meal.

Example: You're a single person with a busy schedule who often gets home late and would love to have a healthy balanced dinner but just can't get motivated to go through all the prep for just one meal. Sound familiar?!

The solution just takes a little planning. Say it's Wednesday evening and you got home at a reasonable hour. On Thursday you know you have a busy day where it will be impossible to take a lunch break let alone get home early enough to make a good dinner. On Wednesday you're going to grill or bake three 4 oz tofu steaks or chicken breasts, steam one head of broccoli, and prepare 1 cup of quinoa. While all that is cooking, make two salads - one to have with dinner and a second to have to lunch (while you have everything out of the fridge). Put the lunch salad in a container for the next day. When the tofu/chicken is done, have one piece for dinner and cut of the remaining pieces for lunch and dinner the next day. Add 1/2 broccoli and 1/2 cup quinoa to your dinner plate.

Lunch Thursday = grilled /tofu/chicken on a salad. Dinner Thursday will require about 5 minutes of prep/warming up. In a saute pan add some chopped veggies (for even quicker prep...reach in the freezer and grab some frozen veggies - always organic - and throw them in the muss, no fuss). When the veggies are almost done, add the leftover broccoli and tofu/chicken pieces, low sodium soy sauce and seasoning and serve over warmed quinoa leftover from the previous dinner.

3 meals...essentially one prep. Bon appetit!

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