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Ginger is probably best known for helping nausea but it has so many diverse benefits and adds phenomenal flavor to many dishes. Ginger has a very pungent flavor but can be added to foods in varying amounts depending on the degree of flavor intensity desired. Native to India, it is now also grown in Indonesia and China. Used throughout the world, ginger use dates back to ancient Greek and Roman times. It is used extensively in traditional Chinese medicine for digestive problems and yang deficiency - a deficiency of the warming energy of the body.

All forms of ginger have therapeutic benefits which include:


Anti-cancerous, especially gastrointestinal cancers

Anti-nausea and as a remedy for motion sickness as well as morning sickness

Sore throat aid when used as a gargle

Natural antibiotic

Helps GERD (reflux)

Affects stomach emptying and can aid in the treatment of gastroparesis

Strengthens the immune system (see recipe for my Immune Boosting Broth)

Promote energy circulation and increase metabolic rate

Weight loss – adding ginger to a glass of hot water with lemon in the morning. Consuming ginger helps activate thermogenesis and raise metabolic rates as much as 20 percent which helps our bodies burn fat.

Ginger tea – thinly slice fresh ginger root and steep for 5-10 minutes and sip OR add 1 teaspoon of ginger juice to hot water. Ginger tea is wonderful to use in mild cases of stomach upset and nausea and can help in soothing the gastrointestinal tract after a stomach “bug”.

Ginger juice – grate ginger with microplane or fine grater and squeeze to release “juice”. This can be used in place of whole or chopped ginger root when the pieces of root are not desired in the dish. You’ll be surprised at the amount of juice that comes out of even a small amount of root. Add to other teas for a wonderful complimentary flavor.

Add to soups and broth, vegetables, stir fry, marinades, tofu, meats, poultry, fish, stews, baked goods, and so many other great recipes.

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