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Rosemary is an herb that lends itself so well to so many healthful uses. Its use dates back to Egyptian times and many civilizations considered it sacred and was used to protect against evil spirits and plagues. Rosemary was worn by Greek scholars as headdress to help memory.

Rosemary’s health benefits include:


Neuroprotective: carnosic acid fights free radical damage in the brain, particularly the beta-amyloid induced degeneration characteristic in Alzheimer’s

May help decrease growth of leukemia, breast, and ovarian cancer cells

May help maintain eye health – has been found to protect against macular degeneration


Helps indigestion

One of my favorite uses for rosemary is to add to potatoes and sweet potatoes. Sprinkle chopped fresh rosemary or crushed dried rosemary liberally while roasting these and other vegetables for a delicious flavor.

Other uses for rosemary include on breads and scones, pastas and other Italian dishes, bean and vegetable soups, especially root vegetable and squash soups, fish and meats. It’s also a nice complement to lemonade and teas.

Use rosemary essential oils topically on joints and achy muscles and around the nose and temples to help with headaches and sinus issues. It can also be used on hair to stimulate hair growth and treat dandruff. Use in an essential oil diffuser. I love using rosemary and lavender together in my diffuser at night. Use with eucalyptus for colds and sinusitis.

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