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Nutrition education can be a vital key to improving health & wellness. Design and schedule a custom lecture or workshop for your company or event.
In-person and online virtual events available.

Large & small groups can benefit from nutrition-based workshops. Give your group the tools to improve their health and start their plate journey with useful wellness tools. 


Previous workshop topics:

Mindful Eating

Addressing Sugar & Carb Cravings

How to Stock a Healthy Pantry

Understanding the Keys to Weight Loss

Navigating the Farmers' Market

Simplifying Your Menu & Food Prep Plan

Plant-Based Diets

Let's customize a workshop to meet your group's needs.


Customize a lecture or lecture series on a variety of nutrition-based topics to meet your program goals. 

Previous lecture topics:

Navigating Food Labels - How to Choose the Best Foods

How Sweet It Isn't - Overcoming Sugar & Carb Addiction

Understanding the Keys to Weight Loss

Meatless Monday Program - Benefits of Transitioning to            a Plant-Based Diet

Corporate Wellness Classes

Research has shown that Corporate Wellness Programs are successful in improving employee productivity, reducing sick leave, and increasing employee longevity. From monthly lectures to lunch hour learning sessions, to weekend workshops...let's find the best program for your business. 

I will work with you to custom design a Wellness Program to meet your goals and the needs of your employees. 

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